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EZ Auto Solutions Testimonial

“I had a fantastic purchasing experience with EZ Auto Solutions and was delighted to have them working in my behalf so that I could avoid dealing with an auto dealership directly.

They were incredibly responsive, professional and took care of every detail. I got the exact car that I wanted for the best price and it was a stress-free and uncomplicated transaction. I never had to step foot into a dealership because they brought my new car to me and I was able to complete the paperwork at my home.

Overall, it was the best experience I've ever had purchasing a car and I highly recommend EZ Solutions to anyone who wants a hassle-free, alternative to purchasing a car on their own.”
– Linda B., Tiburon, CA
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About EZ Auto Solutions
EZ Auto Solutions is an auto brokerage firm founded on the belief that getting a new car should be a pleasure. We’re your advocate in the process, providing the service you expect when you’re engaged in making a major acquisition such as the purchase or lease of a new car. In short, we help you find the new car you want at a great price and make it easy in the process.

How do we do this? As an auto broker for close to a decade, EZ Auto Solutions has plenty of experience working with dealerships. We’ve developed relationships and a history of volume buying that enable us to get our clients a great deal on the new car that’s perfect for them. Whether you’re an individual or represent a business, you need a convenient way of buying or leasing your next new car. We work for you to make buying your next vehicle the straightforward process it should be.

Our Roots
EZ Auto Solutions was started in 2002 by Joe Finci, a car enthusiast who turned his avid interest in cars and the latest in automobile technology into a business after earning an MBA and enjoying a successful career as a commercial banker.

Joe’s many years of experience in finance means he understands the nuances of leasing, financing, rebates, and how to negotiate to get the best deal for a client. His team at EZ Auto Solutions believes in the power of relationships—with the people they negotiate with and the clients they serve.

Our Mission
Our EZ Auto Solutions team is a group of experienced professionals who have established a reputation for integrity and a level of personal service that is unsurpassed in the automobile industry. Our goal is to make the new car buying process, easy. We handle the entire car purchase or lease on your behalf and will specifically help you to:

Our Philosophy
As important as our expertise in the auto industry is, we’re really about building relationships. Relationships with clients to give them the care and service they expect, particularly in a transaction as important as acquiring a new car. And relationships with dealers that facilitate the great deals we make on our clients’ behalf. And, if we can do that, plus get you a great price, that’s why we’re here.

With a long record of referrals and repeat clients, we are convinced our proven method of getting people what they want while saving them time and money is what new car buyers have been searching for. That’s why EZ Auto Solutions is one of the fastest growing, most successful auto brokerage firms in California.

So don’t call a dealer without calling us first, because at EZ Auto Solutions we work hard to make getting a car easy for you!