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I never had to deal with a car salesman
Driving a new truck is always exciting but I dread the dealership sales process. After past transactions, regardless of the price paid or the excitement of a new vehicle, I always felt like a sucker in the end. That didn’t happen this time! EZ Auto Solutions helped me through the decision making process, shopped for exactly the truck I wanted and then ushered me through the close of the transaction in a professional and expert manner. I’m thrilled. It was easy, I got a great price and I never had to deal with a car salesman! I can’t wait to tell everyone I know how easy this was!
— Scott D., Los Angeles, CA

Just got my new Lexus RX350 through EZ Auto Solutions and it was so easy!!!
They  got us the best price in town and my husband was SOOOO happy he didn't need to sit through the long dealer "dance"! We will definitely use EZ Auto for his new car....and then maybe our daughter's first car (if she is a nice teenager).  Thanks, guys!
— Ingrid Z., Sherman Oaks, CA

What a great way to buy a car!!!
It’s all true. No hassle, responsive and mindful attention to detail, a knowledgeable and through understanding of the automobile industry, extremely conversant and well versed in the leasing and financing end of the business...and courteous too. I’m an incredible satisfied customer who has turned on at least a dozen more extremely satisfied customers to EZ Auto Solutions, who all eventually come around to say the same thing - “if we had only known about this wonderful service, we could have saved ourselves a ton of headaches and lots of money too - what a great way to buy a car !!!”
— Thomas K., Santa Rosa, CA

Working with EZ Auto Solutions was the best car buying experience I ever had.
Joe got me my car in a timely manner, made the transaction easy and I saved over $5000 on my Mercedes.  I have a car that I absolutely love.
— Eva C., Tiburon, CA

A “no-stress” experience
I used EZ Auto Solutions to lease my first new car. All I had to do was decide what I wanted and they did the rest! Not only did I get even more car for the money, but I didn’t have to do the haggling myself. It made for a great, stress-free experience. I’ll be using them again when my lease is up next year.
— Caron G., San Diego, CA

I’d never used an auto broker before and did not realize how hassle-free the experience could be. EZ Auto Solutions got me a great price and my new Acura was delivered to where I work. I don’t think I’ll ever deal with car salesman again!
— Adam S., San Francisco, CA

My car buying experience at EZ Auto Solutions was the easiest and simplest I have ever experienced.
I have owned my new car for two weeks and have already told many people about my positive experience and will continue to do so in the future.
— Paul K., Santa Barbara, CA